Copy and Profit by Janig

With this Copy and Profit System Newbie Ted Make $1418.15 in just 6 Days

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The Copy and Profit, written by Janig, is a training program in the form of downloadable e-books, which helps you start from scratch and build an internet business from the ground up. It will teach you how to create digital information products, such as your own e-books, how to market them and how to drive sales and traffic to those e-books to build yourself a business and generate income. It will help you find an idea for your niche as well so you know where to start and take you through every step. The owner Janig, says he is giving you business model and saying that you can legally copy this model, in the form of 3 different blueprints covering:

  • Creating Offers that Sales Fast
  • Building a List of Targeted Buyers
  • Driving FREE 100% Organic Delete repeated word


  • You had lot of materials and bonuses which is not mention in the Sales Page
  • Get more offers to sell as an affiliate
  • Proven Exact System from Janig for you to succeed
  • Step by Step Videos Tutorials and guide in the Members Area
  • Other FREE Software not mentioned in the Sales Pages
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Various OTO for you to sell


  • Will take sometime to earn a 6 figure income on autopilot
  • Had to put in efforts to understand and apply the system
  • May be a bit confusing at first

There you have it! After purchasing this system  I am on my way to make $562.35 in 3 days.



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