Convert PinPress

Increase Your Sales With Convert PinPress- Wp Theme

Is your business on Pinterest?

Convert PinPress

Or are you still unsure how to use Pinterest to effectively promote your products or company?

In November, Pinterest launched business pages with their new terms of service.You can promote your products, generate sales and leads and use it for other commercial purposes without any worries.

So What can Convert PinPress Do?

Covert PinPress is a simple to use yet powerful WordPress Theme. It takes advantage of the current rise of the very popular and fast rising Social Media Site, Pinterest.

The genius of this theme is that it is not trying to compete with Pinterest. It is setup to take advantage of the actions Pinterest Users have been trained to do and use it to generate traffic, viral activity and of course income for your site.

The Use of PinPress

The most familiar use of Pinterest is the sharing by women of recipes online which also have the picture of the cooked food of those recipes. But lately business men have used Pinterest to show pictures of their goods and services online.  And this is where the creators of PinPress modify WordPress to include Pinterest as a theme.  They enable the blogger to put images of the goods or services they are selling or just any image which has a link to their blogs or websistes.

When the viewer views the WordPress blog with a Pinterest theme (which is now called a PinPress) he sees images and when he or she hovers the pointer on those images he or she will see three buttons which are familiar to Pinterest users because they look like the buttons in a Pinterest site.  These buttons are Repin, Like and Comment.

When the Repin button is clicked the viewer will be taken to Pinterest, and there you can repin your image and blog post, giving the viewer a link to your blog post.

When the Like button is clicked the viewer will be taken to Facebook liking your post there.  There your friends can see your link.

When the Comment button is clicked the viewer is taken to the blog post which has a link to a website or a landing page.

In other words whichever button you click you will be taken to the blog post of the blogger.

Thus the use of PinPress is the generation of viral traffic to a blog or website giving the blogger an ever widening exposure of whatever he wants people to see or read.

In this way traffic generation is put on autopilot so that you can have another passive income opportunity.

Covert PinPress Features

Like Pinterest Covert PinPress has all the features but uses them in a slightly different way. The aim of course is to generate traffic BACK to your site from the two most powerful site in Social Media Today, and that’s Pinterest and Facebook.

The front page of the site created looks exactly like Pinterest. Each Picture that is shown had three Social Buttons that show up when you hover over the picture, just like Pinterest. But here is the difference. If a user clicks “Re-Pin” the user is taken to their actual Pinterest Account where they can pin the picture to their boards. Each Re-Pin of course will carry a link to back to your site.

The next button of interest is the “Like” button. If a user clicks on the “Like” button, instead of liking the photo on the site, like they do on Pinterest, they are actually Posting the photo and your description to their Facebook Timeline for all their friends to see.

There is a lot more but I think I have shown the major features that were the high points for me in making the decision to purchase this theme.



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