Free JVZoo Ad-manager WordPress plugin

JVZoo Ad-manager WordPress plugin

What is JVZoo

JvZoo is an Affiliate Marketplace where affiliate can promote the products in the JVZoo market like that of Clickbank. The best part about JVZoo is that they pay you directly to your Paypal account..!!

Now there are hundreds and thousands of good, quality products that are available in the marketplace  All you have to do is open a JVZoo account for free and start earning cash and get paid directly to your paypal account.

Here are some of the system’s features that explain why it is a good idea to become an affiliate or seller of JVZoo accounts:

  • Instant Affiliate Payments – there’s no need for any other third party affiliate or seller tools because of this one-stop-shop system.
  • Global Vendor Access – upon making a referral to the system’s vendor, you are instantly identified and recommended to other vendors.
  • Tracking & Statistics–all you need to know before making your decisions are given to you in no time.
  • Stylish Button Creation–there is an array of pre-tested buy buttons to choose from. Each dime sale out of these buy buttons adds up to your account.
  • Seamlessly Integrated–the system is highly compatible with nearly all software or script available on the market through its custom JVZIPN.
  • PayPal Payments–to protect you and to satisfy your affiliates at the same time, the system is run on a split payment structure.
  • Digital Delivery–after the purchase, the buyer receives an email containing a unique username and password.
  • JV Profit Sharing–your JV Partner receives the portion of the sales from JVzoo’s system in every transaction.
  • Instant Sales Page Generator – allows you to easily create your own website through the system’s sales generator.

Free JVZoo Ad-manager wordpress plugin

Now i want to give all my reader a free JVZoo ad-manager plugin you can used on your wordpress site. This little plugin shows products directly from the marketplace to your site giving you more affiliate sales and income. Follow the  instruction below to install this plugin.


New Installation

  1. Upload `JVZoo-ad-manager` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add your JVZoo Affiliate credentials to the ‘JVZoo Ad Manager’ settings page
  4. Set your Feed Heading (optional), Referral Link, Affiliate Id, Number of Items to display, and Default Display Location.

Update Instructions

  1. Download lastest version of the JVZoo-ad-manager plugin.
  2. In the WordPress Dashboard, click > Plugins.
  3. Under JVZoo-ad-manager Plugin click > Deactivate.
  4. Click > Delete.
  5. Click > Yes, delete these files.
  6. Under Plugins, Click > Add New.
  7. Click > Upload
  8. Navigate to the folder where your updated JVZoo-ad-manager is saved.
  9. Click > Open > Upload Now
  10. Activate the plugin and update your settings and you’re done!

Click here to download it forFREE


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